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Toyota Tacoma Owners Manual

      L Exterior
      L Interior
      L Instrument panel
      L Luggage compartment
      L Luggage compartment
      L For your information
           L Main Owners Manual
           L Noise from under vehicle after turning off the engine
           L Accessories, spare parts and modification of your Toyota
           L Installation of a mobile two-way radio system
           L Vehicle data recordings
           L Event data recorder
           L Scrapping of your Toyota
           L Perchlorate Material
      L Symbols used throughout this manual
           L Cautions & Notices
           L Symbols used in illustrations
      L Before driving
           L Key information
           L Opening, closing and locking the doors
                L Wireless remote control*
                L Side doors
                L Access doors (Access Cab models only)
                L Tailgate
           L Adjustable components (seats, mirrors, steering wheel)
                L Front seats
                     L Moving passengers seat for rear seat entry (if equipped)
                     L Folding seatback (Bench type seat)
                     L Folding passengers seat (vehicles with seatback table)
                     L Active head restraints (Access Cab and Double Cab models only)
           L Rear seats (Access Cab and Double Cab models)
                L Head restraints
                L Seat belts
                L Steering wheel
                L Anti-glare inside rear view mirror
                L Outside rear view mirrors
           L Opening and closing the windows
                L Power windows*
                L Back window (vehicles with sliding type)
           L Refueling
           L Theft deterrent system
           L Safety information
                L Correct driving posture
                L SRS airbags
                L Front passenger occupant classification system
                L Child restraint systems
                L Installing child restraints
      L When driving
           L Driving procedures
                L Driving the vehicle
                L Engine (ignition) switch
                L Automatic transmission
                L Manual transmission
                L Turn signal lever
                L Parking brake
                L Horn
           L Gauges and meters
                L Gauges and meters
                L Indicators and warning lights
           L Operating the lights and wipers
                L Headlight switch
                L Fog light switch
                L Windshield wipers and washer
           L Using other driving systems
                L Cruise control
                L Rear view monitor system
                L Four-wheel drive system
                L Active traction control system
                L AUTO LSD system
                L Rear differential lock system
                L Downhill Assist Control system
                L Clutch start cancel switch
                L Driving assist systems
           L Driving information
                L Off-road precautions (4WD models and PreRunner)
                L Cargo and luggage
                L Vehicle load limits
                L Winter driving tips
                L Trailer towing
      L Interior and exterior features
           L Using the air conditioning system and defogger
                L Air conditioning system
                L Adjusting the position of the air outlets
           L Using the interior lights
           L Using the storage features
                L List of storage features
                L Glove box
                L Front console box (Separated type front seat only)
                L Cup holders
                L Bottle holders
                L Auxiliary boxes
                L Overhead console (Access Cab and Double Cab models)
                L Multimedia system types
                L Entune Audio
                L USB port/AUX port
                L Setup menu
                L Basic audio operations
                L Using the radio
                L Playing an audio CD and MP3/WMA/AAC discs
                L Listening to an iPod
                L Listening to a USB memory device
                L Using the AUX port
                L Connecting Bluetooth
                L Listening to Bluetooth audio
                L Using a Bluetooth phone
                L Operating the sub woofer (on some Access Cab models)
                L Detachable pole antenna
           L Other interior features
                L Sun visors
                L Vanity mirrors
                L Clock
                L Power outlets (12 VDC)
                L Power outlet (120 VAC)∗
                L Seat heaters
                L Seatback table
                L Floor mat
                L Luggage compartment features
                L Garage door opener
                L Compass (vehicles with auto anti-glare inside rear view mirror)
      L Maintenance and care
           L Cleaning and protecting the vehicle exterior
           L Cleaning and protecting the vehicle interior
           L Maintenance
                L Maintenance requirements
                L General maintenance
                L Emission inspection and maintenance (I/M) programs
      L When trouble arises
           L Essential information
                L Emergency flashers
                L If your vehicle needs to be towed
                L If you think something is wrong
                L Fuel pump shut off system
           L Do-it-yourself maintenance
                L Do-it-yourself service precautions
                L Hood
                L Engine compartment
                L Tires
                L Tire inflation pressure
                L Wheels
                L Air conditioning filter
                L Wireless remote control battery
                L Checking and replacing fuses
                L Light bulbs
      L When trouble arises
           L Steps to take in an emergency
                L If a warning light turns on or a warning buzzer sounds
                L If you have a flat tire
                L If the engine will not start
                L If the shift lever cannot be shifted from P (vehicles with an automatic transmission)
                L If you lose your keys
                L If the vehicle battery is discharged
                L If your vehicle overheats
                L If the vehicle becomes stuck
                L If your vehicle has to be stopped in an emergency
      L Vehicle specifications
           L Specifications
                L Maintenance data (fuel, oil level, etc.)
                L Fuel information
                L Tire information
           L Customization
                L Customizable features
                L Items to initialize
      L For owners
           L Reporting safety defects for U.S. owners
           L Seat belt instructions for Canadian owners (in French)
           L SRS airbag instructions for Canadian owners (in French)
           L Camper information
      L What to do if...

Toyota Tacoma Repair Manual

Total pages: 170

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