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Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Service Manual: Components



Side Airbag Sensor(for Double Cab)

INSTALLATION CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT HINT: Use the same procedure for both the RH and LH sides. The procedure described below is for the LH side. PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL SIDE AIRBA ...

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Noise Occurs from V-ribbed Belt or Generator Assembly
PROCEDURE 1. CONFIRM PROBLEM SYMPTOM (a) Confirm the problem symptom. Result Result Proceed to Noise occurs from fan and generator V belt A Noise occurs from generator assembly B ...

REASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL REAR WHEEL CYLINDER CUP KIT (a) Provisionally tighten the bleeder plug to the rear wheel brake cylinder, and install the bleeder plug cap. (b) Apply lithium soap base glycol grease to 2 new cylinder cups and the 2 pistons. (c) Install the cylinder cup onto ea ...

Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart
DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE CHART HINT: If a trouble code is output during the DTC check, inspect the trouble areas listed for that code. For details of the code, refer to "See page" in the DTC chart. Wireless Door Lock Control System DTC Code Detection Item ...

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