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Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Service Manual: Precaution




  • If the ECM is replaced, register the ECU communication ID for Engine Immobiliser System (See page Perform Registration (VIN registration) when replacing the ECM (See ).
  • Perform Registration (VIN registration) when replacing the ECM (See page ).


  • The engine learned value cannot be reset by disconnecting the battery negative (-) terminal or removing the EFI NO. 1 and ETCS fuses.
  • Refer to Initialization to perform Learning Value Reset and idle learning (See page ).



Observe the following items for safety reasons:

  • Before using the Techstream, read the instruction manual.
  • Prevent the Techstream cable from being caught on the pedals, shift lever or steering wheel when driving with the Techstream connected to the vehicle.
  • When driving the vehicle for testing purposes using the Techstream, 2 persons are required. One is for driving the vehicle, and the other operates the Techstream.
Manual Transmission System

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Other materials:

Outside rear view mirrors
Mirror angle can be adjusted. Power-adjustable type   Select a mirror to adjust. (L: left or R: right) Adjust the mirror up, down, in or out using the switch. Manually adjustable type Adjust the mirror up, down, in or out by pushing the mirror surface. Folding back the mirrors ...

Cruise SET Indicator Light Circuit
DESCRIPTION The ECM illuminates the cruise control SET indicator by sending indicator output demand signals to the combination meter assembly via CAN communication. The cruise control SET indicator illuminates when the dynamic radar cruise control system is controlling vehicle speed. The crui ...

Pressure Sensor Circuit (B1423)
DESCRIPTION This DTC is stored if refrigerant pressure on the high pressure side is extremely low (176 kPa (1.8 kgf/cm2, 26 psi) or less) or extremely high (3140 kPa (32.0 kgf/cm2, 455 psi) or more). The air conditioner pressure sensor, which is installed on the pipe on the high pressure side ...

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