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Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Service Manual: Components



Transmission Control Cable

ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE FRONT CONSOLE BOX (See page ) 2. ADJUST TRANSMISSION CONTROL CABLE ASSEMBLY (a) Move the shift lever to N. (b) Disconnect the end of the transmission control cab ...

Other materials:

REMOVAL PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE REAR SEAT CUSHION ASSEMBLY (a) Remove the 2 bolts and rear seat cushion assembly. 2. REMOVE REAR SEATBACK HINGE COVER (a) for LH Side: (1) Disengage the 6 claws to remove the 2 rear seatback hinge cov ...

Lock Switch Circuit
WIRING DIAGRAM PROCEDURE 1. CHECK REAR DIFFERENTIAL LOCK INDICATOR LIGHT (a) Turn the ignition switch to ON. (b) for 4WD: Finish switching to L4. (c) Check the rear differential lock indicator light. (d) Press the differential lock switch. (e) After 60 secon ...

Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor Communication Stop Mode
DESCRIPTION Detection Item Symptom Trouble Area Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor Communication Stop Mode Either Condition is met: Communication stop for "Front Radar" is indicated on the "Communication Bus C ...

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