Toyota Tacoma manuals

Toyota Tacoma Owners Manual: Key information

The following keys are provided with the vehicle.

system Vehicles without engine immobilizer system

Master keys

Key number plate Master keys

Vehicles with engine immobilizer Key number plate

systemVehicles with engine immobilizer system

Master keys

Key number plate Master keys

■Key number plate Key number plate

■Key number plate

Keep the plate in a safe place such as your wallet, not in the vehicle. In the event that a key is lost, a new key can be made by your Toyota dealer using the key number plate.


■To prevent key damage (vehicles with engine immobilizer system)

●Do not subject the keys to strong shocks, expose them to high temperatures by placing them in direct sunlight, or get them wet.

●Do not expose the keys to electromagnetic materials or attach any material that blocks electromagnetic waves to the key surface.

Before driving

Opening, closing and locking the doors

Other materials:

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INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT FUEL INJECTOR ASSEMBLY NOTICE: This inspection aims at inspecting the fuel injectors for opens or shorts, because the fuel injectors of this vehicle are a high-pressure type and cannot be inspected for fuel injection volume. (a) Measure the resistance accordi ...

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