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Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Service Manual: Components






REMOVAL PROCEDURE 1. PRECAUTION NOTICE: After turning the ignition switch off, waiting time may be required before disconnecting the cable from the negative (-) battery terminal. Therefore, make ...

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INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE MONOLITHIC CONVERTER PROTECTOR (a) Install the upper monolithic converter protector and lower monolithic converter protector with the 2 bolts and 2 nuts. Torque: 11 N·m {107 kgf·cm, 8 ft·lbf} (b) Install the clamp with the bolt as shown in the ...

Check Bus 3 Line for Short to +B
DESCRIPTION There may be a short circuit between one of the CAN bus lines and +B when no resistance exists between terminal 6 (CA3H) of the central gateway ECU (network gateway ECU) and terminal 16 (BAT) of the DLC3, or terminal 21 (CA3L) of the central gateway ECU (network gateway ECU) and t ...

Runnable Signal Malfunction (B2286,P0335)
DESCRIPTION These DTCs are stored when the engine speed signal sent by the ECM via direct line and the engine speed signal sent via CAN communication do not match. HINT: When the cable is disconnected and reconnected to the negative (-) battery terminal, the power source mode returns to the s ...

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