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Toyota Tacoma Owners Manual: Vanity mirrors

Vehicles without vanity light

Vehicles with vanity light

Vehicles with vanity light

Slide the cover.

Slide the cover.

The light turns on when the cover is opened.

Sun visors
Type A Forward position: Flip down. Side position: Flip down, unhook, and swing to the side. Type B Forward position: Flip down. Side position: Flip down, unhook, and swing to the s ...

Adjusts the hours Adjusts the minutes ■The clock is displayed when The engine switch is in the ACC or ON position. ■When disconnecting and reconnecting battery terminals The time ...

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Pressure Control Solenoid "B" Performance (Shift Solenoid Valve SL2) (P0776)
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The ECM uses the vehicle speed signal and signals from the transmission revolution sensors (NT, SP2) to detect the actual gear (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th gear). The ECM compares the actual gear with the shift schedule in the ECM memory to detect mechanical problems of t ...

All Door Entry Lock/Unlock Functions do not Operate, but Wireless Functions Operate
DESCRIPTION When the wireless operation can be used to lock and unlock the doors, communication between the electrical key and TPMS receiver assembly and certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly) is normal. If the entry lock and unlock functions do not operate, the entry cancel function may ...

Front Camera Module Beam Axis Not Adjusted (C1AA9)
DESCRIPTION If forward recognition camera adjustment has not been performed or did not complete normally after the forward recognition camera was replaced with a new one, DTC C1AA9 will be stored. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Troubl ...

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