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Toyota Tacoma Owners Manual: List of storage features

Glove box

Overhead console (Access Cab and Glove box

Double Cab models) Overhead console (Access Cab and Double Cab models)

Auxiliary boxes Bottle holders

Front console box (separated type Auxiliary boxes

front seat only) Front console box (separated type front seat only)

CAUTION Cup holders


■Items that should not be left in the storage spaces

Do not leave glasses, lighters or spray cans in the storage spaces, as this may result in the following when cabin temperature becomes high: ●Glasses may be deformed by heat or cracked if they come into contact with other stored items.

●Lighters or spray cans may explode. If they come into contact with other stored items, the lighter may catch fire or the spray can may release gas, causing a fire hazard.

Using the storage features

Glove box
Pull up the lever. CAUTION ■Caution while driving Keep the glove box closed. In the event of sudden braking or sudden swerving, an accident may occur due to an occupant being struck by th ...

Other materials:

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL FUEL SUCTION TUBE SET GASKET (a) Ensure gasket groove is clean and free of foreign particles. (b) Install a new gasket onto the fuel tank. (c) Make sure that the gasket sits in the groove. 2. INSTALL FUEL SU ...

DISASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE CONNECTOR COVER (a) Disengage the 2 clips to remove the connector cover. 2. REMOVE REAR BUMPER PAD SUB-ASSEMBLY (a) Separate the 2 license plate light assemblies as shown in the illustration. ...

Short to +B in Buzzer (C1ABD,C1ABE)
DESCRIPTION DTC C1ABD is stored when the blind spot monitor sensor RH detects a +B short in rear cross traffic alert buzzer (blind spot monitor buzzer) circuit. DTC C1ABE is stored when the blind spot monitor sensor RH detects a ground short or open in rear cross traffic aler ...

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