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Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Service Manual: Components





Front Shock Absorber

INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT FRONT SHOCK ABSORBER ASSEMBLY (a) Compress and extend the shock absorber rod and check that there is no abnormal resistance or unusual sound during operation. I ...

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Short in Curtain Shield Squib LH Circuit (B1835/58-B1838/58)
DESCRIPTION The driver side curtain shield squib circuit consists of the airbag sensor assembly and the curtain shield airbag assembly LH. The circuit signals the SRS to deploy when airbag deployment conditions are met. These DTCs are set when a malfunction is detected in the driver side curtai ...

Initialization Switch (for Test Mode DTC) (C2198/98)
DESCRIPTION During test mode, when the tire pressure warning reset switch is on, the tire pressure warning light comes on and when the tire pressure warning reset switch is off, the tire pressure warning light blinks at 0.125 second intervals. DTC No. DTC Detection Condit ...

Skid Control Buzzer Circuit (C1AA7)
DESCRIPTION The forward recognition camera operates the pre-collision warning by sending a buzzer request signal to the skid control buzzer. If the forward recognition camera detects a malfunction in the skid control buzzer circuit, it will output DTC C1AA7. DTC No. Dete ...

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