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Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Service Manual: Precaution




  • If the ECM is replaced, register the ECU communication ID for Engine Immobiliser System (See page Perform Registration (VIN registration) when replacing the ECM (See ).
  • Perform Registration (VIN registration) when replacing the ECM (See page ).


  • The engine learned value cannot be reset by disconnecting the battery negative (-) terminal or removing the EFI NO. 1 and ETCS fuses.
  • Refer to Initialization to perform Learning Value Reset and idle learning (See page ).



Observe the following items for safety reasons:

  • Before using the Techstream, read the instruction manual.
  • Prevent the Techstream cable from being caught on the pedals, shift lever or steering wheel when driving with the Techstream connected to the vehicle.
  • When driving the vehicle for testing purposes using the Techstream, 2 persons are required. One is for driving the vehicle, and the other operates the Techstream.
Manual Transmission System

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