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Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Service Manual: Precaution



(a) The type of ignition switch used on this model differs depending on the specifications of the vehicle. The expressions listed in the table below are used in this section.


Ignition Switch (Position)

Engine Switch (Condition)

Ignition Switch off


Off (Lock)

Ignition Switch ACC


On (ACC)

Ignition Switch ON


On (IG)

Engine Start


On (Start)


(a) Before disassembling the differential assembly, thoroughly clean it by removing any sand, mud or foreign matter. This will help prevent contamination during disassembly and reassembly.

(b) When removing the rear differential carrier cover or any other light alloy part, do not pry it off with a screwdriver or other tool that may cause damage. Instead, tap the part with a plastic-faced hammer.

(c) Always arrange disassembled parts in the order they were removed and protect them from foreign matter.

(d) Before installation of each part, thoroughly clean and dry it. Then apply hypoid gear oil LSD to it. Do not use alkaline chemicals to clean aluminum parts, rubber parts or ring gear set bolts. Also, do not use non-residue solvent or other cleaning oils to clean O-rings, oil seals or rubber parts.

(e) Coat sliding surfaces and rotating parts with hypoid gear oil LSD.

(f) Do not directly fix a part in a vise. Place aluminum plates between the part and vise.

(g) Be careful not to damage the contact surfaces of the case. Such damage may cause oil leakage.

(h) Before applying sealant, remove deposited oil sealant and clean the part to be sealed using non-residue solvent.

(i) After sealing parts, do not allow oil to contact the seal for at least an hour.

(j) Do not allow scratches on a part's contact surface with an oil seal, O-ring or gasket. Scratches may lead to oil leakage.

(k) When press-fitting an oil seal, be careful not to damage the lip of the oil seal and its outside periphery.

(l) When replacing a bearing, replace the inner and outer races as a set.


(a) When there is a malfunction in the contact point of the terminals or installation problems with parts, removal and installation of the suspected problem parts may return the system to the normal condition either completely or temporarily.

(b) In order to determine the malfunctioning area, be sure to check the conditions at the time the malfunction occurred, such as by DTC output and record them before disconnecting each connector or removing and installing parts.

(c) Since the Differential System (w/ Differential Lock) may be influenced by a malfunction in other systems, be sure to check for DTCs in the other systems.


(a) The CAN communication system is used for data communication between each of the ECUs and sensors. If there is trouble in the CAN communication line, the DTC of the communication line is output.

(b) If the DTC of the CAN communication line is output, repair the malfunction in the communication line and troubleshoot the Differential System (w/ Differential Lock).

(c) Since the CAN communication line has its own length and route, it cannot be repaired temporarily with the bypass wire, etc.

Parts Location

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