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System Diagram
Rear View Monitor System

System Diagram

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On-vehicle Inspection
ON-VEHICLE INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER FLUID PRESSURE CHANGE (a) Inspect the battery positive voltage. Battery positive voltage: 10 to 14 V (b) Turn the ignition switch to OFF, and depress the brake pedal more than 20 times. HINT: When pressure in the accumulator ...

4WD ECU Malfunction (P163B)
DESCRIPTION This DTC is output when a malfunction is detected in the 4 wheel drive control ECU internal circuit. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area P163B 4WD ECU Malfunction Dia ...

Steering Lock Position Signal Circuit Malfunction (B2285)
DESCRIPTION This DTC is stored when the steering lock position signal sent by the steering lock ECU (steering lock actuator or upr bracket assembly) via direct line and the steering lock position signal sent via LIN communication do not match. HINT: When the cable is disconnected and reconnec ...

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