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Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Service Manual: Components





Vane Pump(for 2tr-fe)

DISASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. FIX VANE PUMP (a) Using SST, fix the vane pump assembly in a vise. SST: 09630-00014 09631-00132 NOTICE: When using a vise, do not overtighten it. 2. REMOVE VANE PUMP ...

Other materials:

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. SET NO. 1 CYLINDER TO TDC/COMPRESSION 2. INSTALL CAMSHAFT TIMING GEAR BOLT NOTICE: There are different types of camshaft timing gear bolts. Make sure to check the identification mark to determine the tightening torque. *a Identification Ma ...

On-vehicle Inspection
ON-VEHICLE INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. CHECK FUEL PUMP OPERATION AND INSPECT FOR FUEL LEAK (a) Connect the Techstream to the DLC3. (1) Turn the ignition switch to ON. NOTICE: Do not start the engine. (2) Turn the Techstream on. (3) Enter the following menus: Powertrain / Engine / Active Test / C ...

REMOVAL PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE FUEL TANK ASSEMBLY Click here 2. DISCONNECT CHARCOAL CANISTER FUEL HOSE (a) Loosen the hose clip and disconnect the charcoal canister fuel hose. 3. DISCONNECT FUEL TANK VENT HOSE (a) Push the fuel tank vent hos ...

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