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Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Service Manual: Components



Shift Lever

DISASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE SHIFT LOCK RELEASE BUTTON COVER (a) Using a screwdriver with its tip wrapped in protective tape, detach the 2 claws to remove the shift lock release button cover f ...

Other materials:

REASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL NO. 2 ANTENNA CORD SUB-ASSEMBLY (a) Using hot-melt glue, install the No. 2 antenna cord sub-assembly as shown in the illustration. 2. INSTALL NO. 1 ROOF WIRE (w/ Vanity Light) (a) w/ EC Mirror: (1) Align the aiming tape as shown in the illustration. ...

While Alarm is Armed, Engine Hood is opened but Alarm does not Sound
DESCRIPTION A situation in which the alarm is armed but does not sound when the hood is opened can be caused when the main body ECU (multiplex network body ECU) cannot detect whether the hood courtesy switch is open or closed. If the alarm does not sound, there may be a malfunction in the hood ...

Dtc Check / Clear
DTC CHECK / CLEAR CHECK DTC (a) Connect the Techstream to the DLC3. (b) Turn the ignition switch to ON. (c) Turn the Techstream on. (d) Enter the following menus: Body Electrical / Pre-Collision 2 / Trouble Codes. (e) Check for DTCs. Click here CLEAR DTC (a) Connect the Techstream to the ...

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