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Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Service Manual: Initialization




Models with Maintenance Required Reminder Function.

(1) Turn the ignition switch to ON.

(2) Using the steering pad switch assembly, display the setting display on the multi-information display.

(3) Select "Maintenance System" from the setting display and perform initialization according to the multi-information display.

System Diagram

Problem Symptoms Table
PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE HINT: Use the table below to help determine the cause of problem symptoms. If multiple suspected areas are listed, the potential causes of the symptom are list ...

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Sound Signal Circuit between Radio Receiver and Stereo Jack Adapter
DESCRIPTION The No. 1 stereo jack adapter assembly sends the sound signal from an external device to the navigation receiver assembly via this circuit. If there is an open or short in the circuit, sound cannot be heard from the speakers even if there is no malfunction in the stereo component a ...

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. ADJUST COMPRESSOR OIL (a) for HFC-134a (R134a): (1) When replacing the compressor and magnetic clutch with new ones, after gradually discharging the refrigerant gas from the service valve, drain the following volume of oil from new compressor and magnetic clutch bef ...

Network Gateway Ecu
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