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Opel Insignia B 2018-2023 Owners Manual: Vehicle Security

Vehicle Alarm System

Anti-Theft Locking System

Warning: Do not use the system if there are people in the vehicle! The doors cannot be unlocked or opened from the inside.

The vehicle is equipped with a deadbolt locking feature in addition to the standard door locks.

The deadbolt is engaged whenever twice within five seconds with all on the RKE transmitter is pressed twice within five seconds with all doors closed and the vehicle off.

The deadbolt lock can also be engaged with the Keyless Access system.

When the doors are secured with the deadbolt, they cannot be unlocked or opened using the controls or handles inside the vehicle.

Press open the deadbolt and unlock the on the transmitter once to open the deadbolt and unlock the driver door. Pressing five seconds will unlock all of the again within five seconds will unlock all of the doors.

Anti-Theft Alarm System

The anti-theft alarm system is combined with the anti-theft locking system. The system monitors:

Indicator Light

The indicator light, on the

The indicator light, on the instrument panel near the windshield, indicates the status of the system:

Off : Alarm system is disarmed.

On Solid : Vehicle is secured during the delay to arm the system.

Fast Flash : Vehicle is unsecured.

A door, the hood, or the liftgate is open, or there is a system fault.

Slow Flash : Alarm system is armed.

Arming the Alarm System

1. Close the liftgate and the hood.

Turn off the vehicle.

2. Lock the vehicle in one of three ways:

3. After 30 seconds the alarm system will arm, and the indicator light will begin to slowly flash indicating the alarm system is operating.

Pressing transmitter a second time will on the RKE transmitter a second time will bypass the 30-second delay and immediately arm the alarm system.

The vehicle alarm system will not arm if the doors are locked with the key.

If the driver door is opened without first unlocking with the RKE transmitter, the horn will chirp and the lights will flash to indicate pre-alarm. If the vehicle is not started, or the door is not unlocked by pressing transmitter during the 10-second on the RKE transmitter during the 10-second pre-alarm, the alarm will be activated.

If a door, the hood, or the liftgate is opened without first disarming the system, the turn signals will flash and the horn will sound for about 30 seconds. The alarm system will then re-arm to monitor for the next unauthorized event.

Disarming the Alarm System

Do one of the following to disarm the alarm system or turn off the alarm if it has been activated:

To avoid setting off the alarm by accident:

Unlocking the driver door with the key will not disarm the system or turn off the alarm.

How to Detect a Tamper Condition

If transmitter and the horn chirps three is pressed on the RKE transmitter and the horn chirps three times, an alarm occurred previously while the alarm system was armed.

If the alarm has been activated, a message will appear on the DIC.

Immobilizer Operation

This vehicle has a passive theft-deterrent system.

The system does not have to be manually armed or disarmed.

The vehicle is automatically immobilized when the transmitter leaves the vehicle.

The immobilization system is disarmed when ENGINE START/ STOP is pressed and a valid transmitter is in the vehicle.

The security light in the instrument

The security light in the instrument cluster comes on when there is a problem with arming or disarming the theft-deterrent system.

The system has one or more transmitters matched to an immobilizer control unit in the vehicle. Only a correctly matched transmitter will start the vehicle.

If the transmitter is damaged, the vehicle may not start.

When trying to start the vehicle, the security light comes on briefly when the ignition is turned on.

If the vehicle does not start and the security light stays on, there is a problem with the system. Turn the vehicle off and try again.

If the RKE transmitter appears to be undamaged, try another transmitter, or place the transmitter in the transmitter pocket.

If the vehicle does not start with the other transmitter or when the transmitter is in the transmitter pocket, the vehicle needs service.

See your dealer who can service the theft-deterrent system and have a new transmitter programmed to the vehicle.

Do not leave the transmitter or device that disarms or deactivates the theft-deterrent system in the vehicle.

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